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No. 85-86
August 2010
Special issue with contributions from JATAM, LMN & Nostromo Research  
DTE 85-86 PDF version
Indonesia's coal:
local impacts -
global links
Deadly Coal - coal exploitation and Kalimantan's
blighted generation

UK - Indonesia coal connections
Food, coal and Makroman Village
Dark Materials - a global glimpse
India links
Corruption, collusion and nepotism
Coal and climate change
Direct action against coal in Scotland
Bahasa Indonesia
Mautnya Batubara

Bahasa Indonesia

Bahasa Indonesia
Bahasa Indonesia
Bahasa Indonesia
Bahasa Indonesia
Bahasa Indonesia


No. 84
March 2010
DTE 84 PDF version
Climate justice:
Indonesia packages tree plantation expansion
as emissions reduction strategy

Saving the planet is our joint responsibility, by Pang Yuriun
Bahasa Indonesia

Bahasa Indonesia
Indigenous rights:
Indigenous rights in West Kalimantan revisited
Bahasa Indonesia
Oil palm/ agrofuels:
Palm oil for electricity, heat and transport in the UK
Bahasa Indonesia
Petition against World Bank support for new nickel mine
Concern over renewed interest in Toka Tindung gold mine, Sulawesi

Bahasa Indonesia
Coal in East Kalimantan: taking the toxic tour
Bahasa Indonesia
In brief:
Don't buy or invest in Indonesian pulp and paper
Wood pellet agreement
Climate change causes deaths in fishing communities
Small-scale Fisheries squeezed North & South


No. 83
December 2009
DTE 83 PDF version
Climate justice:
Climate change impacts: voices from the villages
The demand for climate justice
DNPI announces potential CO2 emissions reduction figures
Indonesia's climate promises and policy incoherence

Bahasa Indonesia
Coastal communities:
Marine resources for climate justice
Bahasa Indonesia
In brief:
Hydro-dam for Papua
Indigenous rights
High Conservation Values and the RSPO
Privatising the coasts

Bahasa Indonesia

No. 82
September 2009
DTE 82 PDF version
Climate justice:
REDD concerns deepen
Indonesia's Civil Society Forum for Climate Justice
AMAN calls for emissions reductions and FPIC in REDD projects
Bahasa Indonesia
Palm oil:
Sawit Watch calls for EU to face up to oil palm responsibilities
Coastal communities:
Coastal communities want rights upheld
Bahasa Indonesia
West Papua / extractives:
NGOs accused of 'crying wolf' over Tangguh
human rights risks

More copper and gold mines for Papua?
Bahasa Indonesia

Bahasa Indonesia
Indonesia's International Treaty Obligations
Bahasa Indonesia
in brief:
More deaths at Freeport-Rio Tinto mine in Papua
World Bank to assess carbon footprint
Harapan REDD film
Aceh forest loss
Guguk carbon stocks assessed
Land grabs website


No. 80-81
June 2009
DTE 80-81 PDF version
Climate justice:
A crucial year for climate justice
Indigenous Peoples and Climate Change:
the campaign for rights and representation continues

Climate change developments in Indonesia
DTE writes to UK minister about UK MoU with Indonesia
'Biochar' danger
Bahasa Indonesia

Bahasa Indonesia
Bahasa Indonesia
Bahasa Indonesia
Fisherfolk rights:
Arrests at World Oceans Conference
Forests / pulp:
More forests to be sacrificed for pulp
Bahasa Indonesia
Papua - Tangguh:
BP Tangguh's climate change commitment under scrutiny
Bahasa Indonesia
Rio Tinto under fire from all sides
Oil palm plantations:
Sustainability for whom?
Ecological justice in Indonesia: in whose hands for the next five years?
DTE's birthday:
Twenty years of DTE
Indigenous Peoples:
Ten years of AMAN



Deklarasi 'Biochar'
Versi Bahasa Indonesia

Joint Press Release:
February 2009:
More than 10,000 signatures
for release of Indonesian
palm oil campaigner


No. 79
November 2008
DTE 79 PDF version
Climate change:
The pressure for REDD
Women and climate change
Bahasa Indonesia
Bahasa Indonesia
Plantations / economy:
Palm oil no longer 'golden crop'
Protect adat rights to reduce deforestation
Indigenous community rejects Lembata mine
BHP Billiton pulls out of Gag nickel project, West Papua

No. 78
August 2008
DTE 78 PDF version
Climate justice:
Action needed on human rights and development
Who pays for climate change?
More calls for climate justice

Bahasa Indonesia
Bahasa Indonesia
Merauke mega-project raises food fears
Papua / plantations:
Save our people and forests, say Papuans
Indigenous-owned forests felled for oil palm in Keerom
Oil palm plantations:
Working in an oil palm plantation - a snapshot of one woman's life
Jubilee Scotland's campaign against Indonesia's odious debt
In brief:
Posthumous award for indigenous leader
Pollution ratings
New Tangguh report
Jatigede dam project again

June 2008:
Indonesia NGO Forum
Briefing Pack
for UK MPs
on Human Rights
and Development

No. 76-77
May 2008
DTE 76-77 PDF version
Suharto's legacy
Bahasa Indonesia
Climate change:
Bali and beyond: struggles for climate justice
Debates around REDD, indigenous rights and control over funding
How are climate change developments being played out in Indonesia?
Bahasa Indonesia
Bahasa Indonesia

Bahasa Indonesia
Climate change / plantations:
EU energy policy & agrofuels
Indonesia's agrofuels programme hit by high palm oil prices
Communities force Wilmar to address bad practice
Bahasa Indonesia
Bahasa Indonesia

Bahasa Indonesia
Indigenous peoples:
Climate change and Meratus Rituals
Bahasa Indonesia
Is the forestry ministry serious about the legality standard?
Bahasa Indonesia
Poverty and the price of rice
Bahasa Indonesia
Agrarian reform:
Another year spent waiting
Bahasa Indonesia
West Papua:
Multinational corporations lining up to profit from West Papua's resources
Bahasa Indonesia
MSM mine: community opposition continues as investor backs out
Mining news in brief

Bahasa Indonesia

Bahasa Indonesia
DTE 'Bali Briefing'
reprinted from DTE 74
in English
and Bahasa Indonesia

No. 75
November 2007
DTE 75 PDF version  
West Papua / forests:
Oil palm plantations? Carbon credits? Papua's forests targeted
palm oil:
Palm oil industry launches PR campaign
oil palm and Aceh:
Aceh's golden crop?
climate change:
Peatlands and climate change
Bahasa Indonesia
Indigenous Peoples:
Indonesia's First Indigenous Forestry Festival
Bahasa Indonesia

No. 74
August 2007
DTE 74 PDF version  
Climate change,'Avoided Deforestation' and Indonesia
Bahasa Indonesia

"RED": AWAS? - Laporan FPP dalam Bahasa Indonesia
'Peoples Plantations': help or hindrance in tackling deforestation?
WALHI calls for logging moratorium
Indigenous Women
Indigenous Women's workshop at AMAN Congress
oil palm / women:
The impacts of oil palm plantations on women
oil palm:
Indonesia and biofuel fever
Interview: Government, business and communities
CSR à la Jakarta

No. 73
May 2007
DTE 73 PDF version  
New investment law is not pro-poor
BP in West Papua:
Tangguh - adapting to the West Papuan context?
oil palm:
Land and prosperity - notes from Talang Nangka village
The Indonesian Timber Legality Verification Standard: words are not enough
Bahasa Indonesia
CSOs take a stand on pulp
Newmont case verdict - blow for communities and environment
Strikes and book launch keep Freeport-Rio Tinto in the news
indigenous peoples:
AMAN Congress III: towards democracy, prosperity and autonomy

No. 72
March 2007
DTE 72 PDF version  
oil palm:
Pressure mounts against EU biofuel targets
A report from the RSPO
Smallholders and the RSPO
Interview: Thoughts on the RSPO
Kampuh villagers want a fair deal
Dayak villagers succeed in fining oil palm company

Bahasa Indonesia

Bahasa Indonesia
North Sulawesi confronts Jakarta over MSM gold mine plans
Changes in mining laws to come into force in 2007
A nuclear future?
Agrarian Reform: is it really pro-poor?
East Java mudflow:
Sidoardjo mud keeps flowing
In brief:
CGI creditor group disbanded
World Bank fails the poor
Call for ban on GM trees
Plans for 3 more pulp & paper plants
BP's Tangguh LNG project

DTE report on UFS pulp projects in Kalimantan,
August 2006

No chip mill without wood

Tidak ada chip mill tanpa kayu

No. 71
November 2006
DTE 71 PDF version
East Java mudflow:
East Java mudflow disaster
Disaster tourism in Sidoardjo

Bahasa Indonesia

oil palm / energy:
Palm oil is not green
indigenous peoples:
Oil palm and the United Nations
SBY on Indonesia's Indigenous Peoples
Indonesia's Forestry Congress IV: hope and reality
Bahasa Indonesia
pulp and paper:
No chip mill without wood
Freeport investor quits Bahasa Indonesia
In brief:
Worst forest fires since 1997
Special autonomy fails on poverty in Papua
Call for ban on GM trees

No. 70
August 2006
DTE 70 PDF version
Community struggle against gold mine plans
No Newmont clean-up for Buyat Bay
Rio Tinto in new Sulawesi nickel project

Indigenous peoples:
Indigenous groups hail declaration breakthrough
IFI standards fail on indigenous rights
Bahasa Indonesia
Bahasa Indonesia
Indigenous peoples/
A portrait of indigenous forest management in Sungai Utik
Bahasa Indonesia
Forest policy and Indonesia's natural resources crisis: a view from Jakarta Bahasa Indonesia
Java earthquake
Fifty-nine seconds in a 5.9 Richter scale earthquake Bahasa Indonesia

No. 69
May 2006
DTE 69 PDF version

Foreign direct
A recipe for injustice
FDI: still inflicting damage on communities
Protests against Newmont in West Nusa Tenggara

The Tangguh gas project: Indonesia's biggest FDI project
Chinese company plans massive timber operation in Papua
Freeport - Rio Tinto: new reports expose impacts

oil palm/energy:
Biodiesel and the expansion of oil palm plantations
indigenous rights:
The future for Papuan forests
Aceh's forests under more pressure
Certification controversy
FLEGT: merely political rhetoric?
Letters to DTE:
Freeport/Rio Tinto payments to military and police
Risks for Submarine Tailings Disposal (STD) in Indonesia revisited
In brief:
New Mentawai indigenous organisation
More World Bank loans for Indonesia - NGOs demand cancellation
UK recycled waste dumped in Jakarta

No. 68
February 2006
DTE 68 PDF version
Oil palm:
Communities challenge palm oil industry promises of sustainability
The borders megaproject
From Singapore to West Kalimantan
Bahasa Indonesia

Bahasa Indonesia
West Papua resources:
Illegal military payments by Freeport/Rio Tinto
ADB to fund BP's Tangguh gas project

Bahasa Indonesia
New mine will mean more marine pollution in Sulawesi
A year after the disaster
Aceh's forests
Reconstruction of Aceh Land Administration System (RALAS)
KAU - "government has no sense of urgency"
Bahasa Indonesia
Indigenous peoples/

Struggle against logging goes on in Mentawai
Coastal communities:
The challenge of making a living
One step forward, two steps back  
In memory of inspirational indigenous leader, Abah Nawi Bahasa Indonesia

No. 67
November 2005
DTE 67 PDF version
Newmont called to account
Call for new law to be delayed
Mass protests challenge Inco

Bahasa Indonesia
Energy policy ignores renewables
Bahasa Indonesia
New chip mill, South Kalimantan
Bahasa Indonesia
Legal or sustainable?
Forest fires
Forests Update
Kalimantan groups call for sustainable development
MDGs: hopes or hallucination?
Bahasa Indonesia
Book Review:
The Risks we Run
In brief:
Police open fire on farmers in Lombok
Regulations respect indigenous management
CDC sells of plantations to Cargill
Parliament ratifies UN covenants

No. 66
August 2005
DTE 66 PDF version
Oil palm:
Oil palm expansion will bring more conflicts
Indigenous peoples oppose oil palm in West Kalimantan
Gunung Niut - a community rejects oil palm plantations
The RSPO as a tool in the struggle for justice
The RSPO - towards "sustainable palm oil"? - interview
Pesticide use in oil palm plantations
Bahasa Indonesia

Bahasa Indonesia
Bahasa Indonesia
Post-tsunami Aceh:
Timber demand soars, fatal floods hit
AMAN presents concerns to UN Permanent Forum
Bahasa Indonesia
New land regulation will inflict misery
Farmers arrested in Perhutani land dispute, East Java
Constitutional Court bows to pro-mining pressure  
In brief:
Land of peace for Papua - a basis for rebuilding Papua
Infrastructure projects for private sector investment
Nuclear power by 2017
Freeport payments report
Bahasa Indonesia

No. 65
May 2005
West Papua focus
DTE 65 PDF version
Tangguh gas project:
Tangguh - ignoring the reality
Indigenous communities speak out on Tangguh
International concern: a letter to BP
Tangguh project update 2005
Bahasa Indonesia

Bahasa Indonesia
Bahasa Indonesia

Targeting illegal logging in West Papua
Indigenous resources:
AMAN in West Papua
Military base for Wasur National Park
Bahasa Indonesia
In brief:
Indonesian government attempt to block solidarity meeting
new UK campaign launched

Bahasa Indonesia
Regular issues

Legal challenge to mining in protected forests
Rio Tinto closes Kelian mine -
history of human rights abuses

Bahasa Indonesia

No. 64
March 2005
DTE 64 PDF version
Quake-tsunami focus
After the tsunami: what next for devastated communities?
Community-centred reconstruction needed
Give the people of Aceh the right to rebuild their territory themselves
Fishing communities
Relocation camps: a report from Aceh
Rehabilitating mangroves
The impact on women
After the tsunami: more disastrous debts?
Indonesia's 'odious' arms debt to the UK
Letter from Banda Aceh
Obituary: Pak Keuchik Jailani

Bahasa Indonesia

Bahasa Indonesia

Bahasa Indonesia

Bahasa Indonesia
Bahasa Indonesia
Bahasa Indonesia

No. 63
November 2004
DTE 63 PDF version
Women, land and natural resources
Ngata Toro: women in customary decision-making system
Women and Mining Conference demands justice for women
Non-existence within existence: a case study
of the excessive burden placed on women peasants
in two villages in the Halimun Ecosystem

Yosepha Alomang -
a Papuan woman fighting for human and environmental rights

Bahasa Indonesia

Bahasa Indonesia
New pollution study corners Newmont
Bestari Raden sentenced
Indigenous Peoples/
Melayu farmers' long struggle for land rights
oil palm:
Sustainable palm oil: mission impossible?
Plantations: fortune of misfortune?
In brief:
Munir poisoned
West Papua military raids
NGOs set targets
President promises clamp-down on illegal logging
Hasan-style profits?
Merapi Park campaign


No. 62
August 2004
DTE 62 PDF version
Ladia Galaska road network:
construction continues, controversy rages

Illegal logging - defining legality, undermining rights
Forest fires
Bahasa Indonesia
NGOs oppose S. Kalimantan mill
New plantation law
Indonesian CSOs slam privatisation
GM agriculture:
Indonesia to sign biosafety protocol
When the elections are over...
Bahasa Indonesia
CGI mid-term review
In brief:
Community holds Newmont to account
Parliament approves mining in protected forests
Free the Rampa Fisherfolk, South Kalimantan
TNI to stop guarding vital projects
New US West Papua Action Network
NGOS demand World Bank loan audit
Toro win UNDP recognition

Bahasa Indonesia

No. 61
May 2004
DTE 61 PDF version  
Political parties disregard rights, environment and sustainable development
Candidates sign political contract with AMAN
Aceh and West Papua
Flores eviction protest ends in bloodshed
Mining in protected forests - government gives way
More deaths at Java gold mine
Protesters blockade Australian coal mine

Bahasa Indonesia
Aceh/Indigenous rights:
Indigenous activist arrested
Jatigede dam campaign gains momentum
Forests in transition
In brief:
Military will continue to guard 'vital projects'
Emergency decree on illegal logging
WWF drops APP
Students hunger strike against nuclear power plant
Irish parliamentarians support UN review on Papua
Questionnaire results


No. 60
February 2004
One dead at Newcrest Halmahera mine  
West Papua/gas:
BP & Tangguh: what hope for human rights?
Bahasa Indonesia
Land poverty: no reforms in sight
Letter to Perhutani
Indigenous Peoples:
Indigenous Peoples and human rights
BRIK: a flawed approach
Bahasa Indonesia
In brief:
Fatal chemical explosion, East Java
WALHI fights Ladia Galaska road in court
NGOs demand ratification of international rights conventions
Archbishop Tutu calls on UN to act on West Papua
GEF policies on protected areas out of date
Central Java nuclear project revived
Kotopanjang campaign


No. 59
November 2003
Fatal collapse at Freeport/Rio Tinto West Papua mine Bahasa Indonesia
Indigenous peoples:
Second AMAN Congress Resolution
Interview: AMAN and the Congress
Protected areas - gains at the WPC
PAMA PUJA - new organisation on Java
Interview: Indigenous peoples on Java
Bahasa Indonesia

Bahasa Indonesia
West Java mega-dam looms  
Bukit Lawang: natural disaster or ecoterrorism?
Questions over stepwise certification
In brief:
Further blow to draft NRM bill
Bulukumba protest

No. 58
August 2003
War and food security in Aceh
Arms embargo campaign
Bahasa Indonesia
All-out campaign to stop mining in protected forests
Indigenous people's lawsuit fails
Bahasa Indonesia
More protests against TPL mill  
International concerns over illegal logging dominate forest policy  
Indigenous rights:
Interview: Indigenous rights in West Kalimantan
Indigenous women's workshops
Bahasa Indonesia
Coastal communities:
Shrimp business destroys mangroves and livelihoods Bahasa Indonesia
In brief:
Two dead in Lonsum plantation dispute
World Bank pollution warning
IFC invests in more oil palm
Rio Tinto and BP to sell KPC coal mine

No. 57
May 2003
Military protection funds exposed
Rio Tinto blasted on 3 continents
Bahasa Indonesia
West Papua / gas:
More doubts over BP's Tangguh gas project Bahasa Indonesia
Indigenous rights:
Indigenous Peoples suspend meeting
AMAN protests forced evictions
Rights/ forests:
Suspend FSC certification, says report
Forests update
Bahasa Indonesia
Indonesian NGOs reject funding in Iraq protest  
Conservation & rights:
Controversy over shooting in Komodo National Park  
Natural resources:
MPR's Nov. 2001 decree under threat  
In brief:
Earth Day protests against TPL Sumatra pulp plant
Nuclear power plant for Madura?
Malaysian logging tycoon arrested
Monsanto GM cotton furore

Acehnese activist hunted, civil society squeezed

No. 56
February 2003
Thousands protest reopening of Indorayon pulp plant
S. Kalimantan pulp plant to go ahead despite protests
Pulp companies and human rights abuses:
Human Rights Watch report

Bahasa Indonesia
Bahasa Indonesia
Stop logging now!
Report: Most 'legal' logging is 'illegal'
Fatal disasters linked to deforestation
Activist jailed for forest protest
Bahasa Indonesia
Bahasa Indonesia
Oil & gas:
Sulawesi targeted for exploitation
New oil and gas investment stalled
ExxonMobil in Aceh
BP and Pertamina in safety row
Bahasa Indonesia
Women suffer worst impacts of mining
- cases from Indonesia

Rio Tinto: practise what you preach!
Mining in forests, are community protesters terrorists?
Stop mining and logging in South Kalimantan's forests!
Bahasa Indonesia
Villagers and PT PLN in Riam Kanan dam dispute  
In brief:
NGO to sue Singapore over sand imports
Transmigration slow to reform
Taratak gets rights award
ARuPA films

No. 55
November 2002
After Bali
The logging of West Papua
Wonosobo Perda to be cancelled
Forest Fires
Bahasa Indonesia
Mining/West Papua:
Freeport killings spark clamp-down  
Green light for mining in forests
Dayak court action vs PT IMK
Gas/West Papua:
A visit to BP's Tangguh project Bahasa Indonesia
Peasants demand right to livelihood
Perhutani violence in Blora & Banten
Bahasa Indonesia
Oil palm:
CDC conflict, West Kalimantan Bahasa Indonesia
Protected Areas:
Lore Lindu land claims result in deaths
Aceh pushes Leuser road plan
Bank stops Kerinci funding
Merapi park opened despite protests
In brief:
Kalimantan border oil palm?
North Sumatra trawler protest
Rio + 10: minister accused of lying
Landmark rights decision in Unocal case
Nuclear plan resurrected

No. 53-54
August 2002
No mining in the forests!
Sulawesi communities reject Rio Tinto's CPM mine
International mining workshop, Bali
Bali PrepCom ends without agreement, NGOs walk out
West Papua / Gas:
NGOs call for Tangguh moratorium Bahasa Indonesia
ExxonMobil plays "terrorist" card Bahasa Indonesia
Indonesia-UK MoU on illegal logging
FLEGT, log export ban
Fires in Sumatra and Kalimantan
Legal action on forest fires
Sumatra rayon mill to move to China, pulp mill to reopen  
Indigenous rights:
Fighting for the forest in Riau  
In brief:
Kotopanjang dam victims to get compensation?
World Bank draft forest policy slammed
Peasants' rights eroded by IFI policies
Moronene people evicted

Forests, People and Rights
A DTE special report
June 2002
contents and acknowlegements
Part I:
Forests, people and rights Bahasa Indonesia
Part II:
Forest reforms in the post-Suharto era Bahasa Indonesia
Part III:
Community forest management: the way forward  

UK - Indonesian MoU
on illegal logging
April 2002
DTE press release
The MoU
UK NGO statement
Indonesian NGOs

No. 52
February 2002
Stop human rights violations against peasant farmers!
Banten farmers arrested and beaten
The new MPR decree on agrarian reform
West Papua / Gas:
BP and the Tangguh test Bahasa Indonesia
BP's coal interest: Kaltim Prima
Brimob shooting at Aurora mine
Rio Tinto's Kelian mine blockaded
Mining the Forests
Inco Urgent Action
Bahasa Indonesia
Exxon Mobil under fire  
No sign of much needed reform
Oil palm action
Threats to Gunung Leuser
Bahasa Indonesia
Bahasa Indonesia
APP and debt-financed forest destruction  
In brief:
West Papua will not receive Freeport's corporate tax
Transmigration policy review
EU rejects Indonesian shrimp imports
Five large dams for Bengkulu
Bapedal merger protests
Book review:
ICG: Natural Resources and Law Enforcement  
Statements to the CGI conference in Jakarta:

DTE's statement
Joint NGO statement
WALHI statement
NGOs' statement

No. 51
November 2001
Coastal resources:
Communities hit hard by fishing industry
The shrimp industry
Sand-mining destroys resources
New Government:
Megawati and her new ministers  
Deforestation blamed for Nias tragedy
FLEG conference, log export ban
FSC certification suspended
Oil Palm for Kalimantan
Bahasa Indonesia
Bahasa Indonesia
Bahasa Indonesia
Bahasa Indonesia
Indigenous Peoples:
Adat and the forests Bahasa Indonesia
Future uncertain
Special Autonomy for Aceh and West Papua
Bahasa Indonesia
Bahasa Indonesia
Court orders Freeport to clean up Bahasa Indonesia
GM crops:
Court action fails, protests continue  
In brief:
Stop Exxon Mobil! Free Kautsar!
Aceh Fund
West Papua Solidarity groups appeal to UN
New oil and gas law
Radioactive waste dumping


No. 50
August 2001
Lawsuit accuses Exxon Mobil Bahasa Indonesia
Indonesia and Down to Earth
West Papua:
BP's Tangguh project increases tension
Mamberamo people oppose dam
Bahasa Indonesia
Bahasa Indonesia
The fight against illegal logging
Fires spread haze over borders
Business as usual in the Mentawais

Bahasa Indonesia
Land / Oil palm:
CDC projects criticised over impacts Bahasa Indonesia
Communities and companies
Manado and London meetings
PT KEM agreement
Inco protest
NSPU resettles Aceh refugees  
GM crops:
Court action on Monsanto cotton  
Messages to mark our 50th edition...  

No. 49
May 2001
Central Kalimantan:
Behind the violence Bahasa Indonesia
Farming / land:
GM agriculture through the back door
IFIs & companies push GM crops
The organic movement
Bahasa Indonesia
Bahasa Indonesia
Debt, poverty and greed fuel destruction
Logging moratorium
Export credit finances destruction
Timber plantations: backing a loser
West Papua:
Papuans reject autonomy, call Freeport to account
Mega-projects: Mamberamo, Tangguh
Land / Oil palm:
Oil palm investments opposed  
Oil and gas:
Aceh: Exxon Mobil shuts down
Security company called in by Caltex in Riau
Bahasa Indonesia
Bahasa Indonesia
In brief:
Special autonomy delayed
International STD meeting in Sulawesi
Communities oppose new Rio Tinto Sulawesi mine
Refugees starving in Aceh

on submarine tailings disposal

No. 48
February 2001
Indigenous peoples:
Moronene forced out of national park  
Regional autonomy:
Confusion and delay
WALHI and regional autonomy
Meru Betiri National Park threat
German company to build smelter
Newmont and WALHI in poisoning row
Indigenous small-scale mining under threat
Reform, farmers and action in Java Bahasa Indonesia
Pulp and Paper:
Heading for trouble Bahasa Indonesia
Oil and gas:
Rights and environmental disputes flare
Oil and globalisation
Tangguh in West Papua
Bahasa Indonesia
Bahasa Indonesia
Bahasa Indonesia
In brief:
CIFOR researcher's body in Aceh mass grave
2000: S. Kalimantan's year of destruction
German investment in coal
Riau farmers threat to take over plantation land
Bauxite mine in 2003


To see full version of Indorayon's last gasp?,
a DTE article for
Inside Indonesia
Jan-Mar 2001
click here

No. 47
November 2000
Ecological war zone Bahasa Indonesia
Rio Tinto:blockades and strikes
WALHI opposes PT CPM
Newmont under siege
Indigenous miners evicted
Mining in protected forests
Bahasa Indonesia

Bahasa Indonesia
West Papua:
Resource exploitation continues
Freeport: still getting away with it
Oil and gas:
Police fire on Unocal protesters
Protests at Caltex
Oil palm:
Villagers shot, one killed in Sosa  
In brief:
Forestry conversion permits, UK's forestry grant
NGOs criticise World Bank
Ammonia poisoning, New oil refineries

No. 46
August 2000
Special Issue on
regional autonomy
Regional autonomy, communities and
natural resources
Bahasa Indonesia
What is regional autonomy?
Regional autonomy from Suharto
to Wahid
Regional autonomy, political will and
the economy
Regional autonomy and the IFIs
Bahasa Indonesia
Foreign investment and regional
Bahasa Indonesia
Democracy, control and natural resources
The role of the military
The state of local democracy
Indigenous communities and democratic
Bahasa Indonesia
Case studies: East and West Kalimantan
Points for campaigning

No. 45
May 2000
Coastal Communities:
Coastal resources in crisis
Campaign to protect divers
Lampung shrimp violence
Bahasa Indonesia
Contracts and communities
Newmont mine closure overruled
Inco contract questioned
Arrests at Aurora mine sites
Bahasa Indonesia
Regional autonomy:
A workable solution?
Communities confront loggers
Fires darken skies
Kutai under siege
New Kalimantan mega-project will not proceed
Bahasa Indonesia
Displaced villagers win back land
Indorayon closure undecided
West Papua:
Independence movement gains momentum Bahasa Indonesia
Oil and gas:
NGOs accuse Unocal  
In brief:
NGOs and the US, Mobil, Rio Tinto,
Nipah dam, West Papua transmigration

No. 44
February 2000
Foreign investment and ecological justice Bahasa Indonesia
Spotlight on Indonesia's forests
Illegal log exports from Mentawais
Loggers rush to strip Siberut
Bahasa Indonesia
Environment minister recommends
Indorayon closure

Protests at PT TEL
Bahasa Indonesia
Communal conflict:
Transmigrants and refugees Bahasa Indonesia
No more mining!
Newmont under fire
Mining companies wait and see
New publication
Mining briefs

Bahasa Indonesia
West Papua:
Independence & exploitation  
Oil palm:
Contamination hits palm oil exports  
Toxic imports:
Action on Singapore mud imports  

No. 43
November 1999
New Government:
Tough challenges ahead Bahasa Indonesia
New act thwarts reformers
WALHI sues government over mega-project
Forest fires burn again
West Papua:
The demand for independence Bahasa Indonesia
Indigenous Peoples:
Demands for change Bahasa Indonesia
Dayaks reoccupy mines in Aurora concession
Coal blight in South Kalimantan
Rio Tinto in South Sulawesi
Land & agriculture:
Call for agrarian reform
Advance of the biotech giants
New fisherfolk network takes action
East Timor:
After the terror  

Special Issue on AMAN
October 1999
Indonesia's Indigenous Peoples
form new alliance
Congress statement
AMAN's aims and organisation
Aceh's indigenous coastal communities
Plan of action
Two tales from Sumatra
Women's issues
West Papua
Talking to politicians
Views of the Congress
NGO support
Indigenous dilemmas

No. 42
August 1999
East Timor:
The opportunity for a sustainable future Bahasa Indonesia
Parties lack environmental, rights commitment
Forestry Act fiercely opposed
Sumatra pulp plant protestors fight on
Kalimantan mega-project reinvented
Bahasa Indonesia
Bahasa Indonesia
Logging and oil palm threat to Siberut
Yamdena Islanders continue battle against logging
Dayaks charged in oil palm dispute
More oil palm for West Papua
Book review:
Transforming the Indonesian Uplands
Alarm over rising debt
New Report:
INCO in Indonesia  

No. 41
May 1999
Violence escalates at Indorayon pulp plant
Ethnic violence:
Communal clashes, military terror, refugees...
Moronene evicted from Sulawesi park Bahasa Indonesia
Dayaks struggle against Barito Pacific
Sumatra gold mine afflicts local community

An alternative development strategy

Bahasa Indonesia
AMAN: new indigenous voice Bahasa Indonesia
Progress on indigenous rights: the Krui and
the Katu
Parcipative community mapping
Farmers call for agrarian justice
Development debt: the need for a total rethink

No. 40
February 1999
The struggle for land Bahasa Indonesia
Suharto family land holdings exposed
Food Crisis:
Fertiliser costs threaten food security
West Papua:
National Dialogue: to what end? Bahasa Indonesia
The Freeport/Rio Tinto mine: a nice little earner
Reforms bring few gains Bahasa Indonesia
Aceh, Enggano Island
Oil and Gas:
Mobil on the defensive  
Shrimp industry:
Farmers victimised in Lampung conflict  

No. 39
November 1998
Oil and gas:
Mobil Oil and human rights abuse in Aceh Bahasa Indonesia
Mining giants benefit from crisis
More trouble for Freeport
First Newcrest mine in Indonesia
More pollution from Newmont Minahasa
Bahasa Indonesia

Corruption, Collusion and Nepotism
The food crisis
The food crisis
Fields and forests raided
Students join farmers to demand rights  
Bank report on chaos at Kalimantan project
Deadlock over Indorayon
No end in sight  
Appeal for mapping equipment  
Displaced villagers demand rights  

No. 38
August 1998
Towards ecological justice in Indonesia
Charter for Change
National and local demands
Economic crisis:
Debt, poverty and the IMF
West Papua:
West Papua demands Freedom  
Farmers reclaim stolen land
United Federation of Indonesian Farmers
Bob Hasan's fall from favour
Stop the Kalimantan Mega-project!
After the fires - more fires?
Protestors stop Indorayon pulp mill
Rio Tinto under pressure  
Fisherfolk demand justice  

No. 37
May 1998
Forest fires:
East Kalimantan burns and starves  
Economic crisis:
Food crisis bites deeper  
The cabinet of cronies  
Rio Tinto campaign launched
Haruku and Gag Island contracts approved
West Papua:
Famine kills thousands, military make things worse
More development looms for West Papua
Mega-project under fire
Apkindo for the chop
Finnish pulp project audited
Bob Hasan advising World Bank on forestry
National Parks:
EU-funded Leuser project slammed  
ADB drowns a culture
Mamberamo mega-project

No. 36
February 1998
Economic crisis:
Economic crisis takes heavy toll
on Indonesia's poor
Timber empires collapsing
Drought & famine:
Famine grips West Papua  
Indigenous peoples:
The push for indigenous rights
Katu people refuse to move from national park
A Dayak's journey home
Aftermath of the fires
Finnish pulp investment in Riau
Struggles over gold and coal  
Oil palm expands, farmers lose out  

No. 35
November 1997
Ecological Hooliganism in East Kalimantan  
Freeport/Rio Tinto:
more expansion, more unrest
NGOs take Newmont to task in Sulawesi
A million hectares for West Papua  
Mega-disaster for Mamberamo  
Special 'Fires'
Responsibility rests with Suharto
The trail of destruction: a fires chronology
The companies accused

Versi Bahasa

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