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Forests for the Future
Indigenous Forest Management in a Changing World

Joint publication by AMAN (Indigenous Peoples Alliance of the Archipelago) and DTE.
Editors: Emil Ola Kleden, Yuyun Indradi, Liz Chidley
Published April 2009
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The forest management practices of indigenous peoples in Indonesia provides important lessons for world governments about to make crucial decisions on how to deal with climate change.

Forests for the Future - is written by indigenous communities across Indonesia and describes the skills and knowledge used for generations to manage forest ecosystems without destroying them.

CO2 emissions from runaway deforestation and peatland destruction in Indonesia are making a substantial contribution to climate change worldwide.

Forests for the Future avoids romanticising the indigenous way of life. Instead it presents lessons learned from communities striving to meet today's economic and political challenges. It is a testament to the willingness of indigenous peoples to engage with an international audience so that their ways of forest management may be better known and get the recognition and respect they deserve.

Indorayon's last gasp?
Full version of a DTE article in Inside Indonesia magazine, Jan-Mar 2001.

Digging Deep: The hidden costs of mining in Indonesia
Special Report No.2
by Carolyn Marr,
Published 1993, 166pp
Joint publication with Minewatch
Price: 5 / US$10 plus p&p 1($2) or 2.50 ($5) by air

This report reveals the extent of degradation and human rights abuse - from gold and coal-rich Kalimantan, where indigenosu Dayak peoples are feeling the force of the multinational muscle, to West Papua (Irian Jaya) where one company's grip over the copper and gold-laden mountains continues to devastate indigenous Papuan communities.

The study gives detailed information of mining activity in Indonesia in its political and environmental context, the information that the industry so blatantly ignores. It shows how the environmental policies and community relations programmes published in company literautre are nothing but a green screen behind which the real business of exploiting nature and humankind goes on.

Inco in Indonesia
On this website
by Roger Moody, Nostromo Research Published February 1998, 10pp

A report on the global activities of the Canadian nickel miners Inco, written by mining expert Roger Moody. It provides an overview of Inco's world-wide operations and intentions, analyses the importance of Indonesia to these and attempts to assess any likely changes in the nickel market and how Inco will respond to them. The paper updates Digging Deep on the company's most recent involvement in Indonesia.

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