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Down to Earth No.85-86, August 2010


Indonesia is now the world's largest exporter of thermal coal - supplying power stations and generating electricity in India, China Europe and many other countries around the world.

Being global number one has brought wealth for a small political and business elite. For ordinary Indonesians living in the main coal mining zones of Kalimantan, the 'coal rush' means damaged livelihoods, ruined farmland and fisheries, conflict over land and resources, plus health and social problems.

This publication brings together articles by authors from organisations inside and outside Indonesia on the different faces of Indonesia's coal: from local impacts to climate change; from UK-Indonesia connections, to Indonesia-India links.

The aim is to contribute to the efforts of international alliances against socially and environmentally damaging mining and energy projects and policies, and to support demands for a drastic reduction in coal consumption, for the sake of the people of Kalimantan and for the sake of the climate.


London Mining Network
Holding the mining industry to account
The London Mining Network (LMN) is an alliance of human rights, development and environmental groups. We pledge to expose the key role of companies listed on the London Stock Exchange, London-based funders and the British Government in the promotion of unacceptable mining projects.

Nostromo Research, based in London, specialises in independent analysis of the mining industry and its impacts. Contact:

Jaringan Advokasi Tambang
Mining Advocacy Network Jl Mampang Prapatan II No. 30 RT 04/07
Jakarta Selatan 12790, Indonesia.
Tel +62 21-79181683, Fax 62 21-7941559

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