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Launch of Petisi 35 (Photo: AMAN)

December 2013

AMAN is collecting signatures from groups and individuals in Indonesia and internationally in support of a petition for speedy implementation of the Indonesian Constitutional Courts decision 35, 2013. This landmark ruling of May 2013 reaffirms that customary forests are forests located in Indigenous territories and should no longer be considered as state forests.

Potentially, it represents a huge gain for indigenous communities whose rights to own and manage their territories have been denied for decades. They have seen their customary forests devastated by large-scale logging, mining, plantations, aquaculture, tourism, transmigration and other industrial-scale schemes in the name of development.

More than six months on, however, there has been very little sign of action to implement ruling - hence the petition launched by AMAN.

Petisi 35 also calls on Indonesia's parliament to pass the Bill on Recognition and Protection of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

Sign up to support the petition in English at  or in Indonesian at, where French, Spanish and Portuguese versions of the petition are also available.

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