Indonesia’s Transmigration Programme: An Update

a report prepared for

Down To Earth

By M.Adriana Sri Adhiati

and Armin Bobsien (ed.)

July 2001 

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This report provides an update on the transmigration programme in Indonesia. As Indonesian politics today are so dynamic, some changes may have taken place by the time it has been published.

During the process of preparing this report, the Department of Transmigration was merged to become the Ministry of Transmigration and Population (SMTP). This then became the Ministry of Transmigration and Manpower following the August 2000 cabinet reshuffle.

The bureaucracy, however, moves more slowly than political events and there is a dearth of up-to-date published information on transmigration from the department responsible. The report is based on a review of literature from official sources (mainly Indonesian Government, the World Bank and ADB) and a few personal interviews with activists and transmigration officials. The paper also draws liberally on media sources to fill the information gaps.


I. Structure of the study

II. Introduction

III. Transmigration and Indigenous Peoples

IV. Transmigration in figures

V. The turn of the tide

VI. Reorganisation of Transmigration Ministry: Institutional and Policy Changes

VII. Implementation of Policy Reforms

VIII. International Development Assistance and Transmigration

A: The World Bank

B: The Asian Development Bank (ADB)

IX. Who works on Transmigration?

X. Conclusion

XI. References

XII. Appendices



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