New: DTE activities update

Down to Earth 87, December 2010

DTE is starting a series of brief updates on our activities to let people know more about our campaigns, capacity-building and information work. Feedback is welcome: contact

  • In late September and early October, we held our strategy session in London, to evaluate our work over the last three years and discuss directions for the next three years. We agreed to continue work under the theme of climate justice and sustainable livelihoods, and are currently drafting more detailed plans for our work in 2011.


  • In October we facilitated a tour of four European countries for two activists from JATAM, to raise awareness of the impacts of coal-mining in Indonesia, highlight the Europe-Indonesia coal connections and build international networks for future campaigns. Our previous special edition newsletter was issued to accompany the tour. For more information see also Deadly Coal comes to Europe or contact


  • In November, UK staff met John Stevenson, UK member of parliament for Carlisle in the north of England, along with other campaign groups in the city, to push for a British government position on climate change mitigation and adaptation which takes responsibility to reduce UK emissions, rather than offset them in countries like Indonesia, and upholds human rights in climate change adaptation and mitigation initiatives.


  • In August we issued a joint press release with Tapol raising concerns about the giant food and energy  project planned in Merauke district, Papua, and calling for a moratorium until independent assessments of the political, economic, socio-cultural, environmental and gender impacts of the project have been undertaken.


  • Our new agrofuels programme worker started work with Down to Earth in October, joining the six other members of the DTE team working from the UK and Indonesia. We look forward to increasing the agrofuels component of our work as a result. To see our update on agrofuel policies and campaigns at EU level click here.


  • Finally, we have completed a long overdue upgrade of our website.  Visitors can now subscribe to the e-version of our newsletter via the green box on the homepage. The old site at will remain available for the time being as an archive (and is also linked to the new site), but will no longer be updated.