More MIFEE Info

Extract from 'Big Plans for Papua', DTE 91-92, May 2012

More MIFEE info

An Agribusiness Attack in West Papua: Unravelling the Merauke Integrated Food and Energy Estate is a new independent report on MIFEE online at:

Ironic Survival is a film about the MIFEE project by ‘Papuan Voices’, an empowerment and film production project. See

A new “No to MIFEE” facebook campaign page has been set up at

SORAK: (Suara Orang Kampung - Voice of Villagers) is a forum for the villagers of southern Papua (Merauke, Mappi, and Boven Digul areas) to talk directly about their problems and aspirations, including plantation developments. English and Indonesian versions.

FPP, AMAN, Sawit Watch and other groups have sent a follow-up request to the UN Committee on the Elimination or Racial Discrimination (CERD) on the MIFEE case. See February 2012 letter at

DTE’s new MIFEE web-page is at