Gender justice discussion on KBR 68H radio

DTE, October 31st, 2014

This Indonesian language discussion was broadcast on October 30th to mark the launch of DTE's 100th edition newsletter, Fair enough? Women, men, communities and ecological justice in Indonesia.

The four women discussing gender justice with their KBR 68 hosts are: Siti Maimunah (SAINS), Betty Tio Minar (DTE), Ratri Kusumohartono (Sawit Watch) and Puspa Dewi (Solidaritas Perempuan).

The broadcast, which also invites callers to phone in, and responds to their questions, starts 3.09 minutes into the file.

We are deeply grateful to our contributors for sharing their words, time and efforts and to Sawit Watch for giving us the opportunity to launch the newsletter on Radio 68H.

141030-68h-bumkit ts sawit watch.mp326.71 MB