Forests for the Future - Indigenous Forest Managament in a Changing World

Book by AMAN & DOWN TO EARTH, April 2009

Forests for the Future
Indigenous Forest Management in a Changing World


Opening : Acknowledgements, Preface, Map of case study sites, Contents Page, Glossary
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Methodology
Chapter 3: The Ciptagelar Indigenous Community, West Java
Developing a bargaining position over customary forest
Ki Ugis Suganda
Chapter 4: The Guguk Indigenous Community, Jambi
Protecting customary forests with local regulations
Datuk H. Abubakar
Chapter 5: The Kiyu Dayak Indigenous Community, Meratus, South Kalimantan
Strengthening alliances to campaign for forest protection
Andy Syahruji (team leader), Balai Kiyu
Chapter 6: The Sembalun Indigenous Community, Lombok
Building consensus to save adat forest on Mount Selong
Abdulrahman Sembahulun and Y. L. Franky
Chapter 7: The Indigenous Ngata Toro Community, Central Sulawesi
Reforming Adat to promote environmental, economic and cultural sustainability
Rizal Mahfud and Rukmini Paata Toheke
Chapter 8: Tana Ai Indigenous Communities, East Flores
Maintaining traditional culture as a way of protecting the environment
Murray Muhammad H. Basyir
Chapter 9: Indonesian Overview
Indigenous Peoples' Writing on Forest Management: A Counter Discourse?
Suraya Afiff
Chapter 10: International Overview
Indigenous Natural Resource Management Systems at the Crossroads
Chip Fay
Chapter 11: Conclusions
Communities in Transformation
Emil Kleden


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