Carnival of Dirt, London

Carnival of Dirt procession outside the London Stock Exchange (Photo Rikki, Indymedia)

On 15th June DTE joined a celebration of people who have tried to stand up to mining and extractive industries in their countries, many of them losing their lives or livelihoods in doing so.

The Carnival of Dirt, which processed around the heart of London's financial district, involved around 200 activists from more than 30 international activist groups, among them West Papuans (protesting against recent killings, including of Petrus Ayamiseba at the Feeport-Rio Tinto mine in 2011) and Filipino, Latin American, Nigerian, Congolese, Climate Camp and Occupy activists. Activists from Mines and Communities, the London Mining Network and Global Witness also contributed to the event.

Later in the day, a flash mob 'money fight' was staged outside the offices of global commodities giant Glencore and a street party by the London Eye was held together with the 'Reclaim the Streets' movement.

(First photo, of mock coffins outside the Bank of England by Rikki, Indymedia, second photo of DTE's Andrew Hickman, by Piero Cruciatti.)

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More photos and information at Carnival of Dirt's website, Indymedia and Demotix.