DTE Newsletter 99-100, Special Edition on gender justice

The new Special Edition DTE newsletter - Fair Enough? Women, men, communities and ecological justice in Indonesia - no. 99-100, October 2014, is now available on our website.

The newsletter will be launched on Indonesian radio KBR 68H in Jakarta, together with Sawit Watch (Indonesian language).

When: Thursday 30th October, 2014, 9-10 am WIB (2-3am GMT)

Where: KBR 68H, Jakarta

Live streaming: http://portalkbr.com/network.html

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DTE Newsletter 99-100, October 2014

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Foreword: No, not fair enough!

The need for gender justice

Gender and development: basic concepts

Solidaritas Perempuan: save the Earth! Stop the Commodification of Nature!

Women and oil palm in an investment region: Suskun, Papua

Gender justice on the plantations?

The impact of mining

Paying for progress: the marginalisation of indigenous Papuan market women

The neglectful state

Indigenous women decision-makers

Solidaritas Perempuan: Gender and Natural Resources

Participatory mapping and gender: presenting in full information on the management of indigenous territories

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