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Villagers in South Sumatra have successfully regained some of their forest which the government had allocated as a plantation concession.
May 14, 2000
Environment minister Sonny Keraf says the fate of PT Indorayon's North Sumatra pulp mill will be decided by June at the latest.
May 14, 2000
West Papua is facing an explosive political situation....
May 14, 2000
Environmental NGOs JATAM and WALHI have exposed the long-running problems of pollution near the site of US-based Unocal's oil and gas terminal.
May 14, 2000
NGOs protest US meddling, Attacks against Mobil, Protest over Nipah dam, West Papua: no more transmigration
May 13, 2000
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February 16, 2000
Although it is only three months since President Wahid's government took office, it is becoming clear that foreign investment is the top priority.....
February 15, 2000