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Villagers in South Sumatra have successfully regained some of their forest which the government had allocated as a plantation concession.
May 14, 2000
The environmental NGO, WALHI Central Sulawesi, has launched a campaign to try to stop injury and death among divers who work for pearl and speciality fish exporters.
May 14, 2000
Coastal communities are being impoverished by large-scale illegal fishing operations; the country's coral reefs are badly damaged and its mangroves are rapidly disappearing.
May 14, 2000
Environmental NGOs JATAM and WALHI have exposed the long-running problems of pollution near the site of US-based Unocal's oil and gas terminal.
May 14, 2000
NGOs protest US meddling, Attacks against Mobil, Protest over Nipah dam, West Papua: no more transmigration
May 13, 2000
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February 16, 2000
West Kalimantan is being lined up for more environmental damage and social disruption with a new bauxite mine in the feasibility study stage and a uranium deposit under detailed exploration work.
February 15, 2000