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Down to Earth IFIs Factsheet Series

No 7, August 2000

IFIs in Indonesia

This series of monthly factsheets on International Financial Institutions (IFIs) will include information on the World Bank Group, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the Asian Development Bank (ADB), focussing on their involvement in Indonesia.

The Annual General Meetings (AGMs) of the World Bank Group & the IMF


Thanks to the NGO, Bank Information Centre for this information. Further details at

Graham Saul at the NGO, Bank Information Center, is the principal point of contact for NGOs in the run-up to Prague 2000
E-mail :
Phone: 202-737-7752
Fax: 202-737-1155

See also DTE IFI Update 6 and Factsheet 6 July 2000.

What are the IFI AGMs?

The Annual General Meetings (AGM) bring together government representatives and senior management to discuss the workings of the World Bank Group (WBG or Bank) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). As such, the AGM provides an opportunity for interested parties and civil society organisations (CSOs) to raise their concerns with decision-makers about the operations and policies of these two institutions. This year, the AGM and related events will take place in Prague, Czech Republic, from September 19-28, 2000.

Meetings between the World Bank Group and Civil Society

What are the issues that need to be discussed with the Bank and the Fund at the Annual General Meetings in September in Prague?

The Annual General Meetings (AGM) are an opportunity for interested organisations and individuals to meet with decision-makers and raise concerns. The Bank Information Center (BIC) is helping to arrange a series of meetings with World Bank representatives during the AGM. If you are arranging accreditation to the AGM, BIC need to know what you think are the key issues that need to be raised with the Bank. BIC will then try and arrange meetings related to your interests. If you intend to be present in Prague, please send your ideas as soon as possible to Graham Saul.

Skillsharing and Training Opportunities
Seminar for NGOs Working on the World Bank and the IMF

CEE Bankwatch Network and Friends of the Earth are preparing a seminar for representatives of NGOs monitoring the activities of the World Bank and the IMF. The main goal of the seminar is for NGOs from the West, Central and Eastern Europe, and the South to share their experiences with WB/IMF projects that have had socially, economically and environmentally negative impacts.
For more information, contact Lenka Maskova at
or go to scroll down, and click on "Planned Activities."

Public Fora and Art Festivals

"A Different Message" Public Forum

Jubilee 2000 Czech Republic, Friends of the Earth Czech Republic and CEE Bankwatch Network are currently preparing this forum, which will be held 24-27 September 2000. The forum will consist of lectures And discussions about the following issues: debt relief for the South; problematic projects supported by the World Bank; transition in CEE countries; and Asia and free trade.
For more information, contact Lenka Maskova at
or go to scroll down, and click on "Planned Activities."

Video Festival on the World Bank and IMF

This is a festival of videos about the activities of the World Bank and other international financial institutions and the far-reaching impacts of these activities. The festival will take place 25-26 September in Prague.
For more information, contact Lenka Maskova at
or go to scroll down, and click on "Planned Activities."

Festival of Art and Resistance with Counter-Summit

For more information, go to and click on "Call for Action."

E-mail Listservers & Global Contacts

For a list of organisations mobilising for Prague 2000, go to

For a list of electronic discussions groups related to Prague 2000, go to


The Initiative Against Economic Globalisation (INPEG)

INPEG is a loose coalition of various Czech environmental, human rights and autonomist/anarchist groups, organisations, and individuals. INPEG has planned a series of campaigns that will culminate in ten days of activities starting on September 20. They are preparing for public demonstrations during this period.

For more information, go to or

Global Day of Action: S26

This web site focuses on bringing people together for public demonstrations on September 26.
For more information, go to

Official Program of the World Bank Group/IMF AGM

For more information on the official program of activities go to or
A brief summary of the official schedule is given below.

Program of 2000 AGM
Sept. 19: WB/IMF press room opens in Prague
Sept. 20-21: Assorted press conferences of Bank/IMF
Sept. 21-25: WB/IMF Program of Seminars. For more information on the agenda or a description
of the offical program go to
Sept. 23: G7 and G24 meetings
Sept. 24: International Monetary and Financial Committee and G10 meetings
Sept. 25: WB Development Committee meeting. For general information on the workings of this committee
go to
Sept. 26-28: Plenary sessions of WB/IMF Boards of Governors
Sept. 29: Likely date for curtain raiser press conference of WB President and/or IMF Managing Director

NGO Accreditation

Registration for WB AGM Prague 2000

The registration for WB AGM Prague 2000 has started. If you are an NGO interested in attending the AGM and meetings with the Bank and Fund, the World Bank requires that you send an application on letterhead to the following address:

Thelma A. Guerra
Officer for Special Guests and Visitors
Joint Secretariat IMF - World Bank Group
Washington, DC 20433 USA
fax: (202) 623-4100
tel: (202) 458-0264

In the letter, you should state that you are seeking accreditation as an NGO to the AGM.
Please note Indonesians need Visas to enter Prague.
For more information, contact Lenka Maskova at or go to scroll down and click on "Planned Activities," and then click again on "Registration for WB AGM Prague 2000."

This IFI factsheet is published by Down to Earth, the International Campaign for Ecological Justice in Indonesia.

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