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Down to Earth IFIs Factsheet Series

No 6, July 2000

IFIs in Indonesia

This series of monthly factsheets on International Financial Institutions (IFIs) will include information on the World Bank Group, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the Asian Development Bank (ADB), focussing on their involvement in Indonesia.

Campaigning on IFIs In Indonesia

Opportunities and Ideas for Lobbying in 2000:

In the coming months there are three significant opportunities to influence IFIs in Indonesia. These are:

June/July World Bank Consultations for Indonesia
September 20-28 CGI meets in Tokyo.
October 17-18 Autumn Meetings of IFIs in Washington

World Bank Consultations on CAS (Country Assistance Strategy)

The CAS is the World Bank's three year master plan for a country. In Indonesia, the Civil Society portion of the consultations will be organized and conducted by LP3ES from mid-June to mid-July. This will include regional consultations in East Java, South Sulawesi, NTB and South Sumatra.

Any NGOs interested in having input should get in touch with:
Pak Rustam Ibrahim (E-mail.
or Pak Sudar Atmanto (E-mail. ). Both are at LP3ES in Jakarta.

The approximate timeframe for these consultations is:

June/July - organize series of 4-6 consultations - the majority held outside Jakarta
August - national forum to coordinate and synthesize findings and input
Sept/October - World Bank staff to participate in a series of public feedback seminars to receive civil society input.

The final CAS document will present the major findings and recommendations from the civil society consultation process and the Bank's response and intended follow up actions

The World Bank will discuss the results of the various stakeholder consultations with the greater Indonesia team and with the Indonesian government, to be considered as inputs into both the loan programs and conditions and in the Country Assistance Strategy. The results of the series of consultations with civil society will be reported back to all those who participated in the consultation process.

During the public consultation process, participants will receive details on World Bank past, current and planned activities in Indonesia (including a list of pipeline projects under consideration for the FY01/03 period) as well as background information on how the World Bank operates. "Key Issues" on which the Bank seeks input are:

CGI Meeting in Tokyo

The next CGI meeting will be in Tokyo on October 17-18, 2000 and will probably focus on decentralisation and good governance. The World Bank intends to "repeat the practice of pre-CGI consultations in Jakarta and to invite NGO representatives to participate in the Tokyo meeting. The last CGI (Consultative Group on Indonesia) took place in Jakarta, on 1-2 February 2000. The CGI pledged a total of US$ 4.7 billion (incl. grants amounting to approximately US$ 500 million.) Also for the first time, INFID was granted observer status together with two other NGOs to the meeting proper.
Contact: Paul McCarthy, World Bank, Jakarta (See End)

NGO Call to come to Prague for IFI meetings in September

From September 20-28, the IMF/WB Annual Meetings (plus related NGO events) will take place in Prague, Czech Republic. It is hoped that many NGO Campaigners will come to Prague to join the different meetings.
If you are interested to come to Prague please contact:
Johan Frijns, Coordinator, Friends of the Earth International, Amsterdam, Netherlands. (Tel. 31-20-6221369 Fax 31-20-6392181) email:

Events scheduled include:

Sept. 20-22 Training/seminar for IFI campaigners, aimed at acquiring the necessary skills to effectively get involved in advocacy work in IFIs. Organized by CEE Bankwatch network and FoEI. FoEI responsible for some of the workshops planned.
Sept. 22 Devoted to planning of advocacy work at IMF/WB meeting.
Sept. 23 In the morning public event organised by FoEI; precise focus still to be decided. Suggestions welcome! The afternoon is reserved for FoEI-IFI Strategy meeting; hammer out plans for the IFI programme in 2001-2002. Evening; FoEI reception (perhaps together with CEE Bankwatch).
Sept. 24-26 Public Forum 'The other Message' (work title), organized by CE Bankwatch Network, Jubilee 2000 CZ and FoEI; Three days of public presentations and workshops on issues related to IMF/WB policies. FoEI sponsors two/three panels on Ecological debt, Climate and globalisation /future of IMF/WB.
Sept. 25-26 Video festival, featuring documentaries on (resistance to) IMF/WB sponsored projects and policies. Parallel to the public forum in same building.
Sept 26-28 Annual Meetings of IMF/WB. Opportunity for FoEI members to attend Lobby Meetings with Bank/Fund staff.
Sept 22-24 Counter summit organized by INPEG; separate from the Public Forum, aimed at a more radical activist organizations. FoEI might provide some of the workshops here as well.
Sept. 24 or 26 (Still to be decided) Date of big demonstration planned by INPEG against the IMF/WB Annual meetings.

IFI Contacts in Jakarta
  Contact Telephone Fax E-mail
World Bank Paul McCarthy 02152993000 02152993111
IMF Josh Felman 021381-8801 Not known
Asian Development Bank Jan van Heeswijk 021251 2721 021 251 2749

This IFI factsheet is published by Down to Earth, the International Campaign for Ecological Justice in Indonesia.

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