DTE 89-90 - Special Papua edition - new Mnukwar film

Dear Friends,

Our latest newsletter is a special double edition on Papua:

The Land of Papua: a continuing struggle for land and livelihoods.

We also present a new film, Mpur Peoples and Development, by Mnukwar, with support from DTE.

With best wishes,

Carolyn Marr


DTE 89-90, November 2011

The Land of Papua: a continuing struggle for land and livelihoods

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Twenty-two years of top-down resource exploitation in Papua

Ending conflict in West Papua, by Carmel Budiardjo, Tapol

Indonesia taken to task over MIFEE

Pusaka in the Land of Papua, by Franky Samperante, Pusaka

The global land-grab phenomenon, by Anna Bolin

Will REDD benefit Papua’s Indigenous Peoples?
from a blog by Pietsau Amafnini, JASOIL

REDD in Indonesia - an update

BP-Tangguh: two years on

Songs of worries, songs of strength

Mpur Peoples and Development

A film by Mnukwar, with support from Down to Earth

This new film explores the views of the Mpur community, West Papua, on development plans for their region which will affect their land, livelihoods and culture.