Photos for the WALHI Kalbar/DTE report on CDC's Harapan Sawit Lestari, West Kalimantan

DOWN TO EARTH, September 2000

1. PT HSL's site office at Manis Mata.

2. The PT HSL oil palm plantation which was established on indigenous people's customary lands.

3. Mr Garis' grave, now marked by a felled ironwood tree surrounded by oil palms (Keladi).

4. The burial ground at Titian Jelamuk where the graves of 5 adults and 3 children were. Note the oil palm in the background and the secondary forest beyond it. This land was bulldozed during a religious festival.

5. The remains of a villager's rubber plantation. This man from Keladi has been given a plot in the plantation co-operative, but not on his own land. Someone else now has his rubber trees.

6. A villager from Keladi's remaining fruit trees (cempedak), now surrounded by oil palms. The owner has protected them day and night from encroachment by the plantation.

7. The remains of the village of Keladi, now cleared for the plantation. This village was worst affected by foul smells from the palm oil processing plant.

8. A disputed zone within the plantation (Division 5). Neglected oil palms with secondary forest (mamak) formerly farmed by local people beyond.

All photo credits: WALHI Kalbar

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