DOWN TO EARTH, April 2000

Total land area of Indonesia 189 million ha
'Forest lands' (official - 1998) 147 million ha 78% total land area
Area administered as forest lands 112 million ha
Forests as proportion of total land area 48% (69% NRI)
Annual deforestation rate over 1.5 million ha
Protection forest (1997) 35 million ha
Conservation forest (1997) 19 million ha
Production forest (1997) 59 million ha
    Permanent production 34 million ha
    Limited production 2.5 million ha
Conversion forests (1997) 8 million ha
Estate crops (1996) 13.4 million ha
of which established timber plantations 2.4 million ha
Area allocated to logging - HPH (1998) 69.4 million ha
Area allocated to timber plantations - HTI (1998) 4.7 million ha
Area allocated to other plantations (1998) 3.8 million ha
Forest degradation due to logging operations (1998) 16.57 million ha
Total area affected by 1997/8 forest fires possibly 10 million ha
of which at least 5 m ha were forests
Land affected by fires - Kalimantan 5 million ha
Estimated sustainable supply from forests 20 million cubic metres/yr *
Total industry capacity in Indonesia
(saw mills, ply mills, pulp mills)
117 million cubic metres/yr *
Deficit between recorded supply and estimated 41 million cubic metres 1997 *

All figures from OED Report World Bank January 2000 unless otherwise indicated.

* 'Roundwood Supply and Demand in the Forest Sector in Indonesia', Neil Scotland, Alastair Fraser and Nick Jewell, ITFMP 1999

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